The NGO Fundraising Center


"Working with The NGO Fundraising Center was a game-changer for us. We’ve started out working per commission and that gave us the first push. Their personalized approach and innovative strategies not only raised crucial funds for our mission but also strengthened our connection with donors. We're grateful for their unwavering support in making a lasting impact."

Learning Haven International

"Choosing The NGO Fundraising Center for our fundraising needs from the beginning was the best decision we made. Without the early funding, we were in search of a commission based service and it paid off big time! Their team's dedication, creativity, and attention to detail elevated our campaigns, resulting in increased support for our environmental initiatives. The NGO Fundraising Center truly understands the heart of our cause."

Blue and White Planet

"Our partnership with The NGO Fundraising Center has been instrumental in fulfilling the dreams of countless children. Their strategic approach and seamless execution have significantly expanded our donor base, allowing us to create more smiles and brighter futures. Thank you for making our dreams come true!"

Dream Alive for Children

"With The NGO Fundraising Center, fundraising became a collaborative journey rather than a challenge. Their commitment to our health-focused mission was evident in every campaign. The increased funding not only advanced our projects but also strengthened our community support.The NGO Fundraising Center truly champions for health for all."

Health & Wellbeing Israel & Palestine

"As an NGO focused on education, partnering with The NGO Fundraising Center was a transformative experience. Their tailored strategies and hands-on approach not only boosted our fundraising efforts but also ignited a renewed enthusiasm among our supporters. We're grateful for the positive impact The NGO Fundraising Center has had on our educational initiatives."

Education Through Collaboration

"Our furry friends found a true ally in The NGO Fundraising Center. Their creative and compassionate fundraising initiatives not only raised vital funds for our animal welfare programs but also fostered a sense of community among our supporters. The NGO Fundraising Center is more than a service; they're an advocate for our four-legged companions."

Kids for Cats

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