The NGO Fundraising Center

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Welcome to The NGO Fundraising Center

We are a dedicated fundraising agency specializing in
hands-on fundraising for non-profit organizations (NGOs)
helping them achieve their noble goals

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At The NGO Fundraising Center

We help you grow through effective fundraising

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At The NGO Fundraising Center

We understand your non-profit need of impact, as our leadership brings 40 years of of combined experience in the non-profit world

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We can help NGOs at every stage of establishing the organization working commission based when needed!

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by NGOs, we have honed our expertise in executing highly effective fundraising campaigns. Our passionate team of professionals will fundraise for your NGO, tailored to your specific goals and values. The NGO Fundraising Center is not a “strategic consultant”. We do the real hands-on,
nitty-gritty fundraising work. We are committed to providing comprehensive services that will lead to funds your organization needs.


What people say about us:

Why should you work
with us?

At the core of our mission is the belief that every cause deserves the chance to thrive, and we are unwavering in our commitment to making a positive difference. By collaborating closely with NGOs, we establish transparent and trustworthy relationships, ensuring that our fundraising efforts align seamlessly with the values and objectives of each organization. The NGO Fundraising Center stands as a reliable partner, empowering NGOs to create lasting change in the world.

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